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Thursday, July 15, 2010


I was on a maiden voyage actually through all of the tools. The most fascinating to me were google docs and skype. The ways to use them in the classroom are infinite. I couldn't begin to start with any examples. My thinking has certainly changed by understanding that I must stay with it. I can't leave, come back and even expect to remember what I had just done. My unexpected outcomes was the thrill of seeing the products that were produced from these tools. My knowledge was minimal entering this task. I let everyone know how frustrated I was. I had the assistance of a dear and extremely intelligent colleague to get me to the end. I'm glad I've reached this point.
I know so much more to explore.


  1. Way to go Donna! I just started my journey and it has started off very rough and bumpy, but I know that there is an end in site! I can't wait to learn all the new and exciting tools. I learned so much just from tool #1. I love your avatar and the name of your blog!

  2. I am impressed with your blog!! I am just starting out!! I will have to search through your blog to see the neat things you have done!

  3. So glad you made it through 11 Tools! I loved your comment about having to stay with it and not being able to leave it and come back and remember. That is what I am finding out. I need to use it to remember it!