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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

tool #2

I am beginning to understand the purpose of personal learning network. I believe this course is necessary. There is so much to learn. I need to stay tuned, blog, converse more with my peers. I think that I need to accelerate my knowledge. I am still in the dark ages, but..."I see the light" It is important to stay positive and to give that kind of feedback. Look for the high notes. I visited and commented on Life Long Learning, Jello's 11 tools, Renee's blog, Learning curve and Mimi the blogger. I was able to see a different perspective from each one. Yea!!


  1. ok girl, I just got started and may be coming to you for some help. call me old fashioned but I still like just talking to people. All this technology has me spinning.

  2. I am just starting back up at this. I got very frustrated and took some "time off"! I think I am going to need some help!! Love your positive attitude about this!

  3. Love your positive attitude! You are going to be the next technology expert at WWE!